Extract those teeth troubles with a dental loan

Teeth torturing you? Need them fixed quick? Short on cash? A dental loan can help!

What is a dental loan?

A dental loan is a short-term loan to pay for dental work such as:

  • Bridges
  • Braces
  • Repairs
  • Root canals
  • Extractions
  • Fillings and repairs
  • Veneers
  • Dentures

Why take out a dental loan?

When you’re suffering from teeth trouble life can be pretty miserable. It’s hard to concentrate on anything when you’re in pain.

Dental work can be expensive! A quick trip to the dentist can quickly turn into thousands of dollars in work.

Don’t turn into a bear with a sore head. Get your teeth fixed back on your feet with a dental loan.

What if my child or family member needs to dental work?

Does your child need braces? Maybe your aging parents need dentures. You can use your loan to pay for their dental work.

How to apply for a dental loan

At Spotter we make applying for a dental loan quick and painless.

We aim to have your paperwork processed within an hour of us receiving it from you.

We aim to have the money in your bank account within 24 hours of your application being approved.

Give us a call! No need to brace yourself. We won’t brush you off!

We’ll help you get the dental loan you need.

Apply to borrow up to $15,000 now!

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Here's what a loan might look like

Here's what a small loan might look like...

You're after a loan for $1,000 for medical or dental bills. Your are looking to repay the loan back after 6 months and are happy to make fortnightly payments.

Here's what a medium loan might look like...

You're after a loan for car repairs for $2,500 and are looking to make payments back on a weekly basis over 2 years.

Small Loan Example


Loan Amount

  • 13XRepayments
  • $110.77=Per Fortnight
  • $1,440.00Total Payments
Loan length:26 weeks

Medium Loan Example


Loan Amount

  • 104XRepayments
  • $43.19=Per Week
  • $4,490.88Total Payments
Loan length:104 weeks

In the above example You'll pay:

  • Loan Amount Financed:$1,000
  • Establishment Fee:$200(set by NCCP at 20% of the loan amount)
  • Monthly Permitted Fee:$40per month charged on the anniversary of the loan
  • Amount of Credit of the Loan:$1,240
  • Total Amount of Interest Payable:NIL
  • Direct Debit Fees:$25.74($0.99 per transaction)
  • Total amount of repayments:$1,440.00
  • Nominal Percentage Rate (Interest) per annum:0% as defined by NCCP
  • Comparison Rate: 160.0571% as defined by NCCP

In the above example You'll pay:

  • Loan Amount Financed:$2,500
  • Establishment fee:$400(Set by NCCP)
  • Amount of Credit of the Loan:$2,900
  • Total Amount of Interest Payable:1,590.86
  • Repayments:103 x $43.19 + $42.31(a final payment)
  • Total amount of repayments:$4,490.88
  • Nominal Percentage Rate (Interest) per annum:48% as defined by NCCP
  • Comparison Rate: 65.5138% as defined by NCCP

WARNING: This comparison rate is accurate and applies only to the example or examples given. Different amounts and terms will result in different comparison rates. Costs such as redraw fees or early repayment fees, and cost savings such as fee waivers, are not included in the comparison rate but may influence the cost of the loan.

See our fullFee Statement for fee details.

"These examples are provided for illustrative purposes only. They do not represent an offer from Rate Detective Pty Ltd. A Spotter Loan is subject to the completion of an application, which is subject to responsible lending checks that take your personal needs and financial circumstances into account."

For loans under $2000 the minimum repayment term 90 days, maximum repayment term 12 months.