Need a small cash loan fast?

Cash loans approved same day? Is that fast enough?

At Spotter, we aim to approve your cash application on the same day within hour of receiving of it. All we need to complete your application is some basic information which you can provide over the phone and online via by email.

If your instant small cash loan application is approved, we’ll aim to have the money in your bank account within 24 hours*.

You can repay your cash loan over a term of between 3 and 24 months depending on the size of the cash loan.

Cash loans for unexpected bills

We all receive unexpected bills from time to time. Car accident? Electricity bill? School fees? Speeding fine? There’s no telling when an unexpected expense will arrive in the mailbox.

Don’t fear! With a quick same day cash loan from Spotter, you’ll be able to handle any unexpected bill that comes your way.

Cash loans for emergencies

Emergencies don’t make appointments! They happen when we least expect it and can often least afford it. Car accident? Medical emergency? Travel nightmare? Let us arrange you an instant cash loan, with an easy online application process, so you can get back to managing the emergency.

Cash loan or credit card?

Should I get a cash loan or a credit card? Good question! There are pros and cons to both. If you don’t already have the credit card approved and have credit available, then a credit card can be more time consuming to arrange.

Contact us to discuss whether an instant cash loan or credit card is better for you.

Cash loan or personal loan?

Personal loans are a good alternative to a quick small cash loan or a credit card. They can come with lower interest rates attached but can take more time to arrange. Your borrowing capacity will also be affected by what other loans you might have, as well as outstanding debts and any issues with your credit history.

Contact us and we can talk you through the options, and help you decide whether a cash loan or personal loan is right for you.

*Time taken to receive the funds will depend upon a number of factors, including who you bank with.

If you have any questions or queries, feel free to call us on 1800 776 863 or submit an online enquiry. If not, you can click the apply now button to get your online application started for same day cash loans.

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Here’s what a loan might look like

Here’s what a small loan might look like…

You’re after a loan for $1,000 for medical or dental bills. Your are looking to repay the loan back after 6 months and are happy to make fortnightly payments.

Small Loan Example

Loan Amount